Fabric Features


Fabric Features

Choosing your apparel right is the best thing whether you’re strolling along the shore, partaking in water sports, or simply lounging on the deck of a boat. The right clothing provides comfort, protection, and enjoyment. The marine environment presents sun exposure, wind, saltwater, and varying temperatures. Lantic Gear’s clothing addresses these factors to ensure a pleasant and safe experience.

Comfort and Perfect

The Lantic ECO-Performance apparel is a breathable fabric made from moisture-wicking materials to help keep you cool and dry, especially in warmer climates. These materials keep you cool by allowing sweat to evaporate, preventing discomfort and potential overheating.

Enjoy the relaxed fit either at the sea or on the shore. They are perfect for all seasons, keeping you prepared for unexpected shifts in weather conditions while enjoying your time at sea.

Hidden Thumb Holes

Hidden thumb holes are a practical feature, especially in cooler conditions. This design element involves discreet openings near the cuffs of sleeves that allow you to slide your thumbs through, creating a sort of built-in glove. This feature is particularly useful in providing additional coverage for your hands and wrists, keeping them warm and protected from wind or cooler temperatures.

Hidden thumb holes are beneficial during early mornings or evenings by the sea when the air tends to be cooler, offering a convenient and stylish solution for temperature regulation.

UPF with the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation

The Skin Cancer Foundation has offered its Seal of Recommendation to our Eco Series products as they meet their criteria for safe and effective sun protection. They are overseen by renowned experts who serve as volunteers on the Photobiology Committee.

They are Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF)-certified fabrics. UPF indicates how much UV radiation (both UVA and UVB) the fabric allows to reach your skin. For example, a UPF 50-certified fabric allows only 2%—that is, 1/50 part of the sun’s rays—to penetrate and block 98% of it. A UPF of 30 to 49 offers very good protection, while a UPF of 50+ rates as excellent.

Moisture Wicking and Quick Drying

The Lantic ECO-Performance apparels ensure that sweat doesn’t linger, preventing discomfort, chafing, and undesirable stickiness while at sea. Moisture-wicking fabrics are innovative materials designed to pull moisture away from the skin and disperse it across the fabric’s surface, allowing for rapid evaporation. It keeps you dry and comfortable, regardless of the activities you engage in.

Quick-drying fabrics shed water rapidly, whether from a spontaneous splash, an unexpected rain shower, or your own post-swim dampness. This feature is particularly advantageous as it prevents you from feeling weighed down by wet clothes, enhances your mobility, and helps regulate your body temperature.

The magic lies in the fabric’s ability to release moisture into the air, allowing it to evaporate swiftly.


Crafted from REPREVE® polyester, a cutting-edge material made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, they provide an exceptional comfort. REPREVE® polyester not only repurposes plastic waste but also conserves water resources. They have recycled 25 billion plastic bottles, that is water saved to supply 2.2 million people with drinking water for an entire year.

By choosing our REPREVE® polyester apparel, you take a significant step towards a cleaner, healthier planet.