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Provide high quality protective gear that look and feel great on and off the water.

Living on the coast of New Jersey, our family has had the opportunity to enjoy the land and sea. Fishing inshore and offshore has been a favorite pastime of our family for generations.

Sometimes it’s fishing for pelagic fish, and sometimes it’s pleasure cruising in the beautiful inland waterways or visiting favorite restaurants…and at the end of the day enjoying the company of our friends back at the dock.

Our products are designed and tested for everyone, with built-in protection from the elements for the salty anglers, while providing comfort and style for those headed to the dock or to dine. Lantic Gear’s UV protection shirts are UPF 50-certified fabric, which blocks 98% of the sun’s rays, ensuring excellent protection.

Lantic Gear ECO Series

Lantic Gear’s Eco Series clothing embodies a commitment to sustainability and also introduces a fusion of fashion and environmental consciousness. Meticulously crafted from eco-friendly materials, each piece is a testament to our dedication to promoting a stylish and responsible approach to personal style.

  • Made from moisture-wicking materials
  • Convenient and stylish
  • Offers effective sun protection
  • Keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Made from REPREVE® polyester

What Our Customer Say


“As an avid angler who spends many days outdoors fishing, having comfortable, durable clothing is a must. That’s why I was eager to try out the ‘Eco Performance Long Sleeve Hoodie’. The material is incredibly soft and stretchy while still being hardy enough to withstand the elements. It seems specially designed to allow a full range of motion for casting, landing fish, and navigating the shoreline. Yet it doesn’t cling or chafe, which I appreciate.

What really makes the difference is the UPF 50+ sun protection. I could feel the difference in protecting my skin from harsh sun and heat. Ventilation is also excellent thanks to the breathable fabric.” On top of great performance features, I love that these clothes are made from recycled plastics reclaimed from the ocean. It feels good to wear something eco-friendly that also helps keep trash from polluting the waters.

For fishermen and women who want comfortable, protective apparel that holds up to repeated use, I highly recommend Eco Performance. Give their gear a try; you won’t be disappointed!”

Kene Wiliamson


Being a regular weekend fisherman, it’s crucial to have shirts that match my active lifestyle.  I’m happy to say the Lantic ECO-Performance fishing shirt exceeds my expectations and has become my new go-to!  The fabric is incredibly soft, lightweight, and flexible; it allows me to cast, reel, and move freely without any restriction. Yet it’s also durable enough to withstand the marine elements without fading, pilling, or wearing out.

I especially appreciate the UPF 50+ sun protection and moisture-wicking technology during long days under the beating sun. It keeps me cool, dry, and protected, even when the heat index spikes. The thumb holes are a nice touch too for extra coverage. For fishing enthusiasts seeking the ultimate combination of performance, protection, and eco-friendly production, you can’t go wrong with Lantic’s shirts. This will be my new go-to for all-day fishing comfort and style thanks to its thoughtful features. Two thumbs up!”

Stive Smith


I am a fishing guide who spends 200+ days on the water annually. And having protective sun shirts is an absolute necessity for me. I’ve tried various brands over the years, but the Lantic ECO-Performance tops stand out as my favorite by far. I operate in hot, humid climates, and the lightweight, breathable fabric is a lifesaver. It wicks moisture instantly and dries in a flash after getting splashed on or rained on. I literally never take this shirt off during long charter days!

The stretchiness allows me to paddle and maneuver freely. The thumb holes are clever for keeping sleeves in place when landing fish. And the UPF 50 means welcome protection from intense sun exposure. After repeated wear and washing, these shirts look and feel brand new thanks to their durable construction. I also love repping an eco-conscious brand that repurposes ocean plastics.

For guides, anglers, and water sports enthusiasts seeking the most comfortable, high-performing sun shirt that promotes sustainability, Lantic has you covered. Their gear stands up to my grueling days; it will handle any adventure you throw at it. Highly recommended product!”

Mark Jhoe

Fishing Guide

Frequently Asked Question

The specialty lies in the inclusion of UV protection shirts, performance fishing shirts, UV shirts, sun shirts with hoods, and UV fishing shirts within their product range. These garments are designed to offer not only a high level of comfort and style but also specific functionalities.

We have provided the sizing chart on our website. The chart is designed to help you match your measurements with the corresponding sizes. Use a measuring tape to measure your body accurately. Choose a size based on how you would like to wear it—loose or fit—and how the apparel is designed to fit. Browse through customer reviews for specific products to finalize the purchase.

Made from PURE-tech Cool Wicking Technology, Lantic Gear’s clothing keeps you cool and dry every time you wear it. It adapts to both hot and cool climates, wicking moisture super quickly. It is designed to release heat when it’s warm and trap it in cold weather conditions.

Follow these simple steps to extend the life and performance of your fishing apparel.

  • Adhere to the care instructions on the product label or website.
  • Wash in cold water and avoid fabric softeners.
  • Air-dry your apparel to prevent damage from high heat. If machine drying is necessary, use a low-heat setting.
  • Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals. These can damage the fabric and affect the performance features of your apparel.
  • Before washing, ensure all zippers and fastenings are secured to prevent snagging.
  • Store your fishing apparel in a cool, dry place, and avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

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